About Us

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Our Mission

Cascade Computers has defined its mission: to improve human satisfaction through human-building IT solutions. The company stands apart from many tech service providers by pushing a deep focus on the end user', and even their technicians' needs, and experience, emphasizing the human element in technology services. This mission evolved from years of observing client needs and considering meaningful ways to deliver IT services including device and network management, cloud services, security services, user support, and business technology planning.

It can be easy to assume that "human-building" might not translate into "secure", but we don't believe the two are exclusive at all. Our president, Jeff Baird, started his IT training in the area of Information Security, and quickly learned that security is best helped and most hurt by the human actions and habits. At the same time, security only exists to continue each person's ability to serve and thrive. Merging these together has led to our current focus on people-friendly security.

Yes, security will always take effort, but we seek to build systems that are:

  • Secure-by-default by design,
  • As easy to use as possible, and
  • Introduced a little at a time, so they are learned and ingrained, We prefer to coach you like a good swimming instructor, rather than throwing you in the deep end and hoping you figure it out!

There is one last core element. We love well-designed systems (system = people working with processes and tools). We seek to help our clients improve theirs through good technology tools and clear thinking. We believe that this sets us apart from many technology companies whose involvement ends with the network, computer, and applications.